Improving collaboration processes

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Unprecedented speed and efficiency

Dealing with documents in different formats – paper, Microsoft Office, PDF, etc. – can make collaboration not only inefficient but also costly and insecure. Our document management solutions make communication and collaboration possible at unprecedented levels of speed and efficiency by allowing notes, annotations, stamps or watermarks to be easily added, documents redacted or important information highlighted.


How you benefit:

  • Improved security:
    • Consistent availability of data for pledging, argumentation or data export
    • Automated scanning and processing of documents 
    • Minimal risk of working on obsolete document versions
    • Matter-centric document management
    • Established role-based data access rules
  • Increased efficiency:
    • Automated document processing workflows
    • Less time required to convert, consolidate and print files
    • Faster redacting of new documents
    • Fewer lost or wrongly filed documents
    • Faster searches for and retrieval of information
    • Speedier submission of documents to courts
    • Comprehensive audit trails

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Feel free to contact us for more detailed information or if you have any questions.

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