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What is PII?
Personal Identifiable Information (PII) applies not only to clients but also to representatives and employees of juridical persons (client or not) and third parties:


  • Define Personal Identifiable Information
  • Map the locations of PII
  • Consider centralising data storage
  • Ensure all PII has an audited trail
  • Define security access to all PII



  • Ability to store, find and catalogue citizen’s data and information
  • Creation of a secure environment for data
  • One version of truth approach for all information stored


Partners, suppliers and contractors:

  • Check all businesses that handle your PII are GDPR compliant
  • Ensure effective use of contract management with vendors



  • Employ a DPO (Data Protection Officer) if required
  • Involve HR, legal, finance and business units alongside IT



  • Define a clear plan for reporting data breaches
  • Citizens now have a right be forgotten, therefore ensure their PII can be deleted
  • Provide a transparent process to a response for information


Answering all of these questions becomes the first step towards compliance.


  • Content management & governance
  • Secure file share & sync
  • Unified threat management
  • Document access management
  • Findability and right to erase
  • Secure archiving & document retrieval
  • Detection of personal data
  • Streamlined compliance-related processes
  • Secure printing
  • Print & scan leak prevention
  • Desktop leak prevention
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • Audibility and reporting
  • Restricted access functions
  • IT security consulting & services

GDPR compliance is not a simple, single software solution – it is a combination of good information governance, effective policing, and a variety of solutions to address particular aspects of compliance. Konica Minolta work closely with organisations looking to address their GDPR concerns, and help those organisations identify where they have potential GDPR issues and how those can be rectified. GDPR is coming and it will affect your business – get in touch with us today to begin your journey towards GDPR compliance.

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